History of Thorverk

Thorverk hf. was founded in 1986 and is situated in North\-West Iceland. By harvesting the abundant seaweed found in the unpolluted waters of Breidafjordur and by using geothermal energy from local boreholes. Thorverk is able to produce several thousand tons of clean, dry seaweed meal each year.

Seaweed Processing

Thorverk harvests two species of seaweed: Ascophyllum nodosum & Laminaria digitata. The A. nodosum is harvested between the months of April and October using specially designed harvester craft. L. digitata is harvested using a specially equipped coaster in late autumn and winter.

Once landed the weed is chopped and dried using a 5\-tier band drier. This drier uses large quantities of clean dry air, heated to a max. 85°C by hot geothermal water fed through heat exchangers. This procedure ensures all the minerals and organic substances are preserved, prevents surface oxitation and browning of the meal. The use of the geothermal water also means the production process is very environmentally friendly.