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This year we have had only a few good summerlike days. The forest pants stand in rows, waiting to get into the soil. But on July 1 and 2, it was possible to plant close to 700 plants. The first day Thereafter several hundreds were planted at Höllustaðir that is now shifting to forestry. And so it will be in the coming weeks. As soon as possible, everything will be planted all up to 3.700 trees.

We looked for the survival of plantings from the past few yearsin the dedicated Barmahlíðar forest, where the volountary forestry association has a designated field for planting. Survival is quite good, but varies by species. Spruce performs best and pine is also tough. The birch emerges but grows slowly. A few years ago, an avalanche came down from the hillside at Barmahlíðarforest, and since then you can see crippled stands of pine and birch. Poplar and larix are not happy survivors in the Barmahlíðar conditions.