Organic products and sustainable harvest, links to analysis and safety sheets

The colour can shift according to season
The colour can shift according to season

Thorverks products are annually certified by respected international auditing agancies:



Quality Assurance International (QAI) audits our production and operations. The certification is issued annually after inspection. 2017 Certificate for organic production.




USDA certifiedTherefore  Thorverk is allowed to use the label   USDA for products that are imported to the US according to an annual certificate of our performance. 

The QAI audits and certifications allow us to use this label from the United States Department of Agriculture as certifying a pure and natural organic product. 


OTCO audits our wild harvest.

OTCO certifiedTheir annual audits certify the full traceability of our products from harvesting sites to delivered bags of algal-meal from production plant. OTCO certification means that our methods and schemes for sustainable harvest are recognised and that we follow them through.  



Icelandic and European standards

 Tún vottaðThe Icelandic auditor "Vottunarstofan Tún" is an independent inspection- and certification body. The agency audits for organic and sustainable production, operation and resource harvesting. Their audits are carried out annuallly and the certificates issued accordingly. 



Typical Analysis

Thorverk´s products are 100% organic and natural. The raw material is only dried and milled.  During the production process nothing is added to the products and nothing is removed except for water. Therefore the contents of the meal can and will vary according to the harvesting season.  This is due to variations in natural conditions in the growth patches. 

Other things can also affect the composition of the end-products ingredients, It depends on the amount of sunshine, dry spells or rainfalls and the temperature of the ocean. Because of these natural variations we can not issue a Standard Certificate of Analysis for each batch. We issue though a Typical Analysis as shown below.

For further information please note definitions in Thorverk´s Standard Terms and Conditions. Upon request Thorverk can have single batches of meal analysed by an independent bodies costed by the purchaser.

Typical analysis of our Asco

Typical analysis of our Lam

Information concerning safe handling and health risks MSDS

Below are links to the Material Safety Data Sheets of Asco and Lam D 

 Laminaria digitata

Ascopyllum nodosum