The harbor 2022-2023

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Borgarverk is blasting cliffs to make boulders from a mine near the road to Karlsey. It has become quite deep and there is  a reason to warn people not to walk near its edges in the dark. Then trucks are busy transporting the material to the port.

The building blocks from the sides along the road down to the pier have also been moved. They were moved outside and closer to the southernmost edge. A steel bulkhead is being hammered down and gaps filled with rocks and gravel. The port is going to become a more convenient port of call for large cargo ships that dock when milled seaweed is pumped from towers. There is also a new navigation light on the eastern side of the harbor mouth. The weather this fall allowed construction work right up until Christmas, but then the big crane had to leave for other work. Ever since November it has been freezing and chilly. 

Here, everyone is eagerly waiting for the finalisation of the renovation so the lot can be made nice and the plane smoothed in front of Thorverks gates. This major renovation is truely interesting and the port will be better and safer  for everyone.